“I don't have just one artist that influences me. Everyone is an artist in some form be it make up, fashion or hair. A simple flower or colored wing liner could easily start a gear turning.” - Alexis Rayne

Alexis Rayne, 22, is a painter from Baltimore, Maryland. Spending her time as a nanny to 3 beautiful children and aiming at college to study English Creative Writing and Art. All of her art pieces appear to come from a place of pure and honest creation. I wanted to know more about her and dig into her creative side. I sit down one on one with Alexis to figure out her purpose, reason and drive in art.

What is your artistic style? Is there a specific medium you like to use? "My art style is very carefree and like a freestyle. I'm usually doodling down whatever comes to mind and go with it until it's finished. There are times where I would also use a picture for reference before putting my own spin on it and making it my own creation. I tend to be all over the place with what I use so I don't have just one medium that I stick to. I use acrylics, pencils (watercolor, and regular drawing), pens, markers, watercolor, and pastels.” Does the medium you choose to work with on a specific piece correlate to how you are feeling during creation? "I would say so. Say I'm more inspired I'd use drawing pencils, acrylics and watercolor. When I'm more upset and venting its pastels or drawing pencils. I use to have charcoal to use, but I've run out. Sometimes I just blindly grab because I'm all over the place and end up mixing several mediums."

What would say are your influences? Is there a specific artist that influences you? "I don't have just one artist that influences me. Everyone is an artist in some form be it makeup, fashion, or hair. A simple flower or colored wing liner, or a perfectly ombre hair style could easily start a gear turning. I'm a person who can find a influence in just about everything." A true authentic artist. For sure, the world is differently our reference! Do you also do makeup as a form of artist expression? "I do. I'm not great at it but I'm definitely not bad. With makeup of course my influence comes from other MUAs but mostly undiscovered ones or ones who are have just gotten in the door and are starting their makeup careers. I don't do it as often anymore because of lack of motivation but I'm slowly but surely getting in the groove of things again." As an artist, which form of artistic expression do you feel you get the most support and encouragement in? Makeup or traditional art? "Traditional art. Most of my support comes from friends and family. Most of my family don't know mascara from highlighter and are better supporting what they know and can clearly see than a guessing game of why I put purple, red, and green together on an eyelid."


What piece is your favorite out of all pieces of work that you have done? Was there a message you hoped to convey? "Yes, there is one. [Photo to the left] It started out as just something to do while waiting for my exhaustion from insomnia to kick it. Before I knew it I was spending 2-3 hours standing or kneeling to add a new square every night. It doesn't have any message to pass along but that simple doodles or mistakes can turn into something beautiful without even meaning for it to happen." ( image below) 


What do you hope the viewer walks away with after viewing a makeup look, or a piece of your work?

"Honestly, I would just like to feel satisfied or content. Maybe some warmth and happiness. You don't have to understanding the meaning or look at the bigger picture as long as you like it and can come away from it with a different and positive feeling then before seeing it. For example, I create make this abstract human heart with the meaning of love being unpredictable and disoriented much like the way the abstract would make the heart look but instead you just really like the colors used and can just tell its something about love and love is warm so now you feel warm."

I came away with this interview with Alexis feeling extremely motivated in art and actual freedom in creativity. Authentic and pure in her creation. Forming pieces from the most basic urge implanted in every person on this earth, which is to create. That urge, is something not everyone is willing to answer purely in anymore. Alexis and her art, are definitely motivations and reminders for me in art. To create from a place of freedom and pure creation.

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