“My art never feels fully finished in my head, but in my heart, it is.” - Amy

"My name is Amy, I was born and raised in United Kingdom and moved to United States with my husband. I have been drawing for over 8 years now my style of art is Disney and animation style but I love getting creative with many different styles my all time favorite influencer is Melsy's Illustrations! What motivates me to draw is colors and television show's. I think of different colors and it creates a image in my brain which I then begin to draw on paper and make her/him come alive. I have my own hobby room, where it's nice and peaceful. I always get my accessories that I need before I begin and play some music in the back ground and begin to draw."

A lot of artist feel like their art is never complete. Sort of like a on going connection or bond with each piece. Why do you think that is? Do you experience this? "I experience this a lot with my drawings I always feel I can do this and that and sometimes I add to much and it doesn't turn out right what so ever! When it comes to that I always take a brake and come back and rethink what I might need to add or not add but to me personally, my art never feels fully finished in my head, but in my heart it is."

If any, what influences have caused you to become more critical of your work? "My older brother actually got me into drawing as he used to do alot of doodling in his school books and draw a lot of the Simpson characters." How do you feel your practice/art has changed over time? "I feel I have improved so much just from practice. Like people say, 'practice makes perfect'! And I believe that because a lot of practice got me where I am today." What do you hope the viewer walks away with after viewing your work? "I would love them to walk away knowing that with just a little practice they can create beautiful artwork too. Knowing my work made them want to start drawing, would be amazing too."

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