“I feel like the craft of art is still insignificant. Not many people do it as much as it should be done.”  -Kati

Kati is a 18 year old American cartoonist from Mount Gilead, OH. Music and musicians are her motivations in art. One of her pieces in art even being featured as a photo for the rock band, Prima Donna.

Every artist has a different process in their creation. We found the deeper connection Yvonne has with her art. Lets explore art in a different medium. We wanted to know how each piece starts out for Kati. What’s HER process for creation. Here's what Kati had to say: “Normally I see a photo and instantly have inspiration. I start of with the photo, a tiny version on the canvas for reference . Then I use a pencil and sketch out the form. From there I do the line work. Change a few things and then I begin to fill it in, add more detail as I go, usually with Netflix or YouTube videos playing in the background.”

So many mediums to choose from in painting! Which mediums in paint do you enjoy working with best? “Acrylic! I have been drawing a little over 2 years now. I mostly do digital art but have recently got into painting. I enjoy painting now more than ever. I have not played around enough with oil or water to be completely comfortable with it. Though i’m looking to expand to both very soon.” I wonder if its the same with Makeup artist. Are there areas, styles or products that they are intimidated by? I think both traditional artist and makeup artist view each other through the same glass. One viewing the other as a master of all mediums. I think there is common ground between these art worlds. Not every artist has mastered all mediums and not every MUA has mastered all products/looks. Lets delve a little deeper!

Who is an artist of inspiration for you? “Vincent Van Gogh. I just enjoyed how passionate he was about his work and how beautiful his artwork came out.” Van Gogh suffered during his lifetime. Facing bouts of depression and mental illness, he remained poor and virtually unknown throughout his lifetime, only selling one piece when he was alive. Considered as a outcast and recluse in his time, Van Gogh continued to pour himself into the beautiful master pieces that we know today. How do you feel about Van Gogh’s experience in life as a artist? “I feel like he was misunderstood. It was unfortunate how he only became a ‘Great artist’ after his suicide.”

There are so many MUA's who feel misunderstood in their work. Makeup is glorified online and picked apart in public. Why is that? They wear their art on their skin for all the world to experience. Some dedicating time everyday to expression. It’s unfortunate that all artist still face the hurtles that Van Gogh did in our time now. Although art is more of an accepted trade now, it not any easier to avoid the criticism of being an artist.

What’s your favorite art work an why? “Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers by Van Gogh. My favorite flower is the sun flower, but the meaning behind it is what really draws me to it.” Still life: Vase with fifteen sunflowers, is one of the most popular Van Gogh's paintings. It was also the picture that Van Gogh was most proud of. It was painted during a rare period of excited optimism. The lonely and passionate Vincent had moved to Arles, in the south of France, where he dreamed of setting up a community of artists.The work is full of light, energy and bright colors. Some of Vincent Van Gogh's most famous works are his Sunflower series. He painted a total of twelve of these canvases (the seven canvases in Arles in 1888 – 1889, the other five in Paris in 1887). Sunflowers had a special significance for Van Gogh. Yellow was Van Gogh’s favorite color. Yellow, for him, was an emblem of happiness – in Dutch literature, the sunflower was a symbol of devotion and loyalty.

Devotion and Loyalty I tie both of these worlds of art together. No matter the style, mediums, products or artist. It takes an incredible amount of time and dedication to covey yourself to the world.



Since you began drawing, do you feel your art has changed? “Most definitely, I went from just doing outlines with barley any detail to fully detailed colored drawings.” Do you ever feel critical of your work? If so, what influences have caused you to become more critical of your work? “I feel critical for sure. I’m very hard on myself and want to release art i’m proud of. Sometimes the coloring is off, or the shading is off. its the little things.” Its incredible how talented these artist are and very important to encourage all artist of today. Artist are always the most critical of their art way before the consumer comes along to pick it apart.

Do you feel like artist are marginalized or treated as though they are insignificant? “The craft of art is still insignificant. Not many people do it as much as it should be done.” What do you dislike about the art world? “The fact that bigger artist don’t support smaller ones and it’s harder for those who are small to gain any traction. We’re overlooked.” The smaller artist and make up influencer’s both experience the short comings in their communities. Imagine a world where two art worlds collide and support one another. What possibilities could emerge? What if all art supported one another crossing barriers and uplifting one another? There is plenty of room for appreciation in the beauty community and traditional art world where all art could co-existing and thrive.

Lastly, what do you hope the viewer walks away with after viewing your work? ”Inspired to create!”

Want to support Kati or request custom art work? Here is how you can connect with her:



 Kati’s Art Co.

Email: kmagda@ashland.edu

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