“All art is beautiful in it’s own way…” -Keke Galaxy

"My name is Keke galaxy, I from a small town in California, I don't know what my art style is but maybe between cartoon and anime style drawings. I use watercolor paint, Copic markers, and pencil for my art. I start every piece but drawing the head first, I can work in almost every environment so I don't always need a place to be quiet. Art is something that is always changing and improving, that's why I think artist think their work is never complete. I used to be really bad first starting off."

"I know that I have changed a lot when it comes to my art work. It is more creative. Disney was a great influence for me, I love the way they animate and they put a lot of detail in their work. I think because of that, I push myself too hard to be better, which is not good but I gives me a form of drive. All art is beautiful in it's own way, I feel society doesn't always see that. I also believe if we as a society support all different kinds of art, they'll be more creativity. I hope that viewers see the creative side of life and I hope it makes them creative as well."

Woah, talk about a Wikked artist! Want to know more about keke? Then you have to check her out on IG!


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