About us

Established in 2018

Wikked Artistry is a cosmetics, media, clothing and art brand founded by MUE and traditional artist, Kelly Chinwe and recovery activist Sarah Harp. Realizing the oppression of some artist/art styles and the labels that are placed on them, Wikked Artistry was born. Wikked Artistry focuses on tribute to both art and creators. All of products and colorful collections will tell you a story about an ers of art or an artists.


Every component of Wikked Artistry aims to strip the wicked labels that cloud the brilliant artist of our past and present across all mediums of art. We aim to empower and embrace creativity regardless of social labels and taboos. Makeup was once considered a form of witch craft, right here in the great ol' USA. Red lipstick on a woman was a social no, no. Women who had a passion to express were shunned and outcast-ed. This type of social labeling still occurs today for women and men who aspire to express and create with their bodies. Tattoos, piercings and make up still remain in the shadows of social "normalcy".

All artist should be encouraged and given freedom in creativity. Express yourself with Wikked's vibrant, rich, luxurious tones and embraces the artist within you. Our company provides support to artist by aiming to create and establish a bridge between all forms/styles and mediums of art, while recognizing, appreciating, celebrating and educating along the way. Each collection released will focus on a specific style or artist. Allowing you to tap into their world.

We are art, BE the idea!