Prismal Paste

Prismal Paste

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10 gram jar | Net Wt. 0.69oz

Gorgeous holographic pigment powder

Prismal paste slides smoothly over the skin and sparkles with every spectrum of color. Apply the desired amount of glitter on to the skin and allow to dry down for 2-3 minutes. Build layers easily, crust proof, with a hydrated feel.

Removal: unlike our Holo Glitz Gels, Prismal paste is made to wash of easily with water. A quick wipe or two with soap and water completely cleans the paste from surfaces. The holo dust is biodegradable and environmentally safe!

The gel paste used in this mixture is made from scratch in house with all vegan ingredients and is cruelty free! 


Aqua/carbomer, peservativecap-5, triethanolamine, glycerin, pigment/colorant, may contain glitter