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Holo glitter glits gel

Color: Silver, blue, black holographic glitter mix

10 gram jar

Net Wt. 0.69oz

Gorgeous mixture of an assortment of finely lazer cut holographic glitters and laser cut chunky glitters. These glitters are eye safe but not bio degradable. 

This chunky glitter gel slides smoothly over the skin and sparkles with every spectrum of color. Apply the desired amount of glitter on to the skin and allow to dry down for 3-5 minutes. Once the glitter drys down it becomes transfer proof and smooth on the skin.

Removal: please be environmentally responsible and wipe away the glitter with a makeup wipe and dispose of in the trash can.

The gel paste used in this mixture is made from scratch in house and uses all vegan ingredients and is cruelty free!



Aqua/carbomer 940, peservativecap-5, glitter, triethanolamine, glitter.

*Please discontinue use if irritation occurs.*